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We Meet Again...

I hope you're enjoying your beverage of choice, must say my go to is an extra salty margarita, but I don't judge. 

I think it takes a lot of courage to be unapologetically yourself, and to take pride in that when walking into an unfamiliar room. So in the name of authenticity, here are some of my favorite things that I carry with me - in some way - day to day:


My favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies, of course, specifically the Order of the Phoenix if you're going to make me choose. These movies mean a lot to me and my dad, who is both one of my best friends, biggest supporters and greatest hero.


My comfort books are the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas, I carry a quote from the third book in the series with me everyday, it reads: truly hope even when the world tells you to despair

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